At Kangaroo Ground Primary School we are proud of our environmental ethics and aim to become a Sustainable School. We are reducing our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices in our everyday lives, and integrating sustainability into the curriculum. We have currently attained one Resource Smart Environmental Star and are working towards further improvements. We aim to lead the Kangaroo Ground community by demonstrating high quality practices in waste management, water and energy efficiency and developing the school grounds to promote biodiversity.

Our gardens include an extensive permaculture vegetable garden, native ornamental plants and wildlife corridors of indigenous species. An excellent indicator of the school ground habitat is the regular presence of wildlife on the campus.

 An important aspect of our sustainability program is student leadership, instilling a sense of ownership and pride. Senior students are responsible for completing community service roles each week encompassing maintenance of vegetable and native gardens, composting food scraps, emptying paper recycling waste and monitoring the school’s use of resources. Environmental leaders also ensure classrooms are minimising energy use.

Energy Module Certificate

Clean up Australia Day

Kangaroo Ground participates in the annual ‘Schools Clean Up Australia Day” fund raising activity which we will do this year on Thursday 3rd March.   2,647 schools with an estimated 434,348 students across Australia now participate in Schools Clean Up Day, last year removing over 662 tonnes of rubbish from School grounds nationally! This is a summary of our findings, written by our Environmental Leaders,  from 2015; look out for this year’s report sometime in March. We are hoping to have reduced the amount of waste collected this year.  

Clean Up Australia Day report

Sustainable House Project

Learning stories about Sustainability houses, taught as part of the Sustainability curriculum in G5&6 last year. These were written by some G6 students to describe the process of building their houses and what they had learnt.

Riley, Max and James

Natasha and Sasha

Chiara and Olivia

Ash, Josh and Will

Alexa and Lara