About Our School

Kangaroo Ground Primary School prides itself on its nurturing and inclusive ‘family’ school environment.

‘KG’ consistently achieves strong academic results and is recognised as a high performing school.

Partnerships with parents are highly valued with parent participation in a number of school programs. These include: Fundraising PFA, School Council, project committees, our annual Electives program and parent initiatives such as book publishing, theme parties and family camps.

A broad curriculum is provided to all students that reflects the school’s vision and values, and is based on the AusVELS. We are a member of the ‘NESST’ group of local schools and we combine our resources to offer a range of additional opportunities for our students including our grade six leadership program and numerous sporting activities.

Extensive transition programs operate across the school. The school provides a large number of additional activities designed to achieve our vision and fulfil our values by enhancing cultural pursuits, sporting activities, leisure activities, environmental awareness, citizenship, community involvement and student welfare.

Classes are structured to achieve optimum educational outcomes. Our original heritage building is a key resource for our school. It has been modernised to create a high quality facility for our children’s art and science programs. The focus on the unique history of our district is further enhanced by the Andrew Ross Museum which is also located in our original school building.

Our school offers

  • Student learning focussed curriculum and consistently strong academic results
  • ‘Read to Write’ language program operates from Foundation onwards
  • Early years reading intervention program
  • Well appointed, modern air conditioned classrooms
  • Extensive wireless and fibre optic computer networks
  • Laptop and iPad access for all students
  • Music resource centre
  • Market Garden and student cooking facilities
  • Student’s Junior School Council
  • Library - media centre
  • Extensive basketball/netball undercover area
  • Tennis courts located by the school. Lunchtime, before and after school lessons available
  • Large oval with undercover play / viewing area
  • Multifunction Community room
  • Junior grades are located in our new BER building
  • Outside School Hours Care program – before and after school
  • Numerous shaded play areas
  • Passive and active play options for children
  • Instrumental music programs for: keyboard, piano, clarinet, flute, recorder, guitar, drums, singing, trumpet, saxophone and music theory
  • Extensive chess program incorporating lessons, tournaments and master classes
  • Community partnerships

Further information can be found in these current publications;

Information Booklet