Curriculum Overview

At Kangaroo Ground Primary School we take great pride in our curriculum which informs our Learning and Teaching Programs. Our curriculum is designed to encourage and promote a love of learning and the desire to strive for excellence.

As with all Victorian State Schools the new AusVELS Curriculum forms the basis of our school's curriculum programs. At Kangaroo Ground Primary School we have a comprehensive and integrated curriculum. AusVELS is a Foundation to year 10 Curriculum. It uses an eleven level structure to reflect the design of the new Australian Curriculum whilst retaining Victorian priorities and approaches to teaching and learning.  

Our curriculum is designed with the intention of providing students with capacities to manage themselves and their relations with others, understand the world and effectively act in that world - to prepare them for success in education, work and life. 

Our integrated curriculum is based on an inquiry approach, which reflects the belief that skills, values and understandings are best taught and assessed within meaningful and connected contexts. Our Integrated Curriculum program enhances student learning by making logical links between all areas of the curriculum.  We strive to enable all students to develop ideas and knowledge about the world in meaningful and relevant ways.

The key content is drawn from the following domains:

Health and Physical Education, 

Interpersonal Development, 

Personal Learning, 

Civics and Citizenship, 



Creativity and Technology, 

Information & Communications Technology, 


The Arts, 


The Arts

At Kangaroo Ground P.S. we have a Specialist Art teacher and a dedicated area for the teaching of Art.
In the Arts students learn ways of experiencing, developing, representing and understanding ideas, emotions, values and cultural beliefs. They learn to take risks, be imaginative, question prevailing values, explore alternative solutions, engage in arts criticism, develop practice and refine techniques, share opinions and extend the limits of the Arts.


The English key learning area is organized into the areas of speaking and listening, reading and writing.
Spelling is included within the writing element. Language is central to learning. Language development at our school is achieved by learning through language and learning about language.

 Health and Physical Education

At Kangaroo Ground P.S. we have a Specialist Physical Education teacher and an outdoor, undercover area where P.E. can be run all year round
During their primary years the children will participate in physical activities and movement e.g. games, skill acquisition, athletics, and swimming. Food nutrition, health, safety, human development and human relations as well as Drug Education will all be covered in this area.


Our Mathematics Program was based on the AusVELS document. It is divided into five major areas, Number, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. At Kangaroo Ground we work diligently to develop sound mathematical skills.,It is important that children establish the groundwork for not only knowing number skills, but also for transferring the knowledge into problem solving situations. We provide a balance between the five major content areas.


At Kangaroo Ground P.S. we have a Specialist Science teacher and a dedicated area for the teaching of Science.
Science Education aims at encouraging the child's ability to develop critical thinking skills while gaining an understanding of the natural and physical world as well as establish a set of values which inform and govern how scientists operate.
Science is seen as part of everyday life therefore, it is taught in a context of daily life. Where possible children are involved in hands-on, inquiry based activities that allow them to build on their own experiences.


Learning in Technology at all levels involves students working with the technology process (investigating, designing, producing and evaluating) to solve problems they see as real. Each of the content areas - Materials, Information and Systems will be covered with an emphasis at all times on safety. This interdisciplinary learning strand identifies a range of knowledge, skills and behaviours which cross disciplinary boundaries and are essential to ensuring students are prepared as active learners and problem solvers at school and beyond.


ICT (computer technology), and Access.  Kangaroo Ground Primary School’s ICT programs, resources and knowledge are managed by the staff of KGPS.

Students have access to class sets of laptops and banks of ipads to enhance their learning and use of ICT. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard to support student learning  and to challenge students to build upon their innovative thinking through the application of technology. 

 Humanities- Economics, Geography and History

This disciplined based learning area encourages children's knowledge, understanding, reasoning and interpretation of economic issues, knowledge, understanding and geospatial skills, knowledge, understanding, reasoning and interpretation of historical events and realities.

 Languages Other than English

Italian is the language taught from Prep to year 6. Students learn about Italian with a our LOTE teacher.

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