Student Wellbeing

At Kangaroo Ground PS we have a positive school culture which has an emphasis on student engagement, effective teaching, inclusive and engaging curriculum and respectful relationships between staff and students. 

At KGPS we provide opportunities that effectively engage students in their learning and social development.

The emotional and physical wellbeing of our students is vital to their success at school and in their future lives. Physically and emotionally healthy students are happy, able to deal positively with life’s challenges, experience a sense of connectedness with the school and others, and are well placed to develop into well-balanced and successful young adults

Opportunities that contribute to the school and effectively engage students in their learning include:


  • A whole school approach to encourage student engagement, student learning, respect and responsibility.
  • Development of literacy and numeracy improvement strategies implemented as part of the School Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan.
  • Professional learning for staff is given a high priority to ensure educationally sound strategies and approaches are adopted and implemented.
  • Three Way Student Conferences provide opportunities for students to share goals and reflections with their parents/carers and set new/modified goals for the coming semester/term.
  • Intervening early to identify/respond to student needs for social and emotional support.
  • Recognising and responding to the diverse needs of our students through the PSD Support program and our Reading Intervention Program.
  • Students are encouraged to achieve full attendance and punctuality to maximise their ability to learn and our teachers’ ability to teach effectively.

o   The Friendly Families and Schools Healthy Relationship Program is in effect across all grade levels. This Program comprises whole school learning and teaching strategies designed to maximise family involvement and has been found to reduce bullying within the school setting. The Program also addresses the development of resilience, positive self-esteem, empathy, cooperation, friendship skills, social skills and decision-making, emotional management and conflict resolution which can help protect people from the harmful effects of bullying as well as help students build positive peer relationships. As a whole school we are proactive and try to encourage social skill development for all our students.

o   Programs such as the ‘Prep Buddy Program’ instill a sense of belonging to the school community from the very start with the ‘Transition Program’ into Kangaroo Ground.  The grade 5 students have sessions with the students at Kangaroo Ground Pre-school in preparation for the following year. Prep students have a connection with their ‘Buddy’ and this sense of belonging to a community is promoted and valued throughout a student’s time at KGPS.

o   Children are valued members of the community and contribute to the school’s direction through our active Junior School Council. Members of the JSC have come to School Council Meetings and addressed the Council to request a change or to ask for an amenity they believe would be valuable, e.g.  a drinking tap on the oval.

  • Student Leadership programs and other roles of responsibility provide opportunities for students to influence change within the school community.

o   Providing a range of opportunities for students to be involved and feel connected to the community. Through our School Concert, Italian Day, Christmas Carol Twilight Picnic, School Picnic, Drive-In Night, Working Bees, Parades and KG Idol. These activities encourage community involvement and bring families and students together with a sense of being part of the ‘KGPS Family.’

  • The school provides multiple opportunities for proactively engaging parents/carers and the wider community to be involved in the school’s programs. These include Reading Helpers, Classroom Helpers, Electives Volunteers, Gardening, Cooking, Book Fair, Swimming etc.


Support Programs and Staff

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Rights and Responsibilities 

At Kangaroo Ground PS we expect high standards of student behaviour based on cooperation, mutual responsibility and self discipline. We promote positive, non-discriminatory relationships amongst students, parents, staff and the wider community.

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