From Foundation to Grade 6, the Literacy program is taught under the domains of Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

Literacy is taught every day across all grades. Sessions are geared toward each of the domains. In the early years reading, writing and spelling is taught to the children using the Write to Read Program. All teachers who teach in the Early Years have gained Certificate 1 in this program. This phonics based approach equips students with the strategies or tools they require to become proficient readers and writers.

Students engage in intensive guided reading sessions as part of the Literacy program where they are grouped with readers of similar ability and activities are matched to these abilities.

All students have access to the Reading Eggs Program which can be used both at school and at home. Access to the Internet is required.

A Reading Intervention program is available to support students who display difficulties with reading. This takes the form of children being withdrawn from the classroom to a quiet area and reading in a 1:1 situation with one of our ES staff.

Students explore a range of genres of writing. They are given numerous opportunities to develop their writing abilities across the curriculum whether it be writing a narrative or presenting information on a particular topic in the form of a project.

Students are given many opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills. In the early years, this takes the form of Show and Tell and the sharing of completed work and develops in complexity over the years to such experiences as making a power point presentation on a researched topic.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the Literacy program by helping out with listening to children read and in some cases working with small groups.