Write to Read

At Kangaroo Ground Primary School we follow the Write to Read philosophy for teaching reading, writing and spelling. W2R is based on multi-sensory learning of essential skills in all instructional literacy areas: listening, speaking, spelling, reading, writing, handwriting and comprehension.  Quality professional learning is provided for teachers by an expert Literacy consultant (Marian Dunne) resulting in more targeted teaching, and a greater ability to tailor teaching to individual needs. 

W2R is based on the knowledge that the 26 letters of the English alphabet make up 70 phonograms or sounds. These in turn make up the English Language. The Write To Read program gives students essential information about phonics and provides comprehension strategies needed for proficient reading. The phonograms are taught using rhymes and codes which assist children to identify which letters are required to spell words. When reading children use their knowledge of Phonological Awareness to effectively segment, blend, analyse and manipulate sounds.

This program commences in foundation..