Support Services

 Support Programs and Staff

Educational Psychologist:

Peter Di Leo is a registered psychologist and is available to provide psychological assessments for students dealing with learning or social issues. These assessments aim to determine the nature of the Child’s learning difficulties and provide resources and support to the child’s teachers and parents.

Peter is also available to provide short-term counselling to students and parents for issues that may affect their child at school.

Rights and Responsibilities

At Kangaroo Ground PS we expect high standards of student behaviour based on cooperation, mutual responsibility and self discipline. We promote positive, non-discriminatory relationships amongst students, parents, staff and the wider community.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

To work and play without interference

To allow others to work and play without interference

To report bullying to an adult

To be treated fairly and courteously

To be polite, courteous and well mannered

To learn in a secure environment

To allow others to learn

Whole School Rights and Responsibilities

To feel safe and cared for at school

To ensure we provide a nurturing environment within our school

To be free of harassment

To ensure others are not harassed

To receive support in difficult situations from the

school community

To provide support to each other

 To be valued and treated with respect

Build positive relationships with the school community


Staff Rights and Responsibilities

To be treated with respect by students, parents and peers

To treat students in a way that develops self-esteem

To communicate positively with parents and peers

To expect students to follow the Student Engagement Guidelines

To follow the Engagement Guidelines.

To use logical consequences and restorative practices

To provide a Duty of Care to students

To keep records of significant disciplinary actions

To expect students to learn

To assist students to learn

To provide an inclusive and differentiated curriculum

To ensure all students achieve success

To communicate student progress to parents

Parent's Rights and Responsibilities

To expect that their child will be educated in a secure environment in which care, courtesy and

respect for the rights of others are encouraged

 Ensure students attend school and have the appropriate learning materials and attitude

 To be contacted when their child continually

disregards the School Engagement Policy or is involved in a major incident

 Promote respectful relationships