Inter School Sports

In Terms 2 & 4 the senior grades participate in a variety of sports against local schools. Winter sport (Term 2) consists of Football – Aussie Rules, Netball and Rounders. Summer sport (Term 4) involves cricket, T-ball (like softball), basketball and tennis.

The students select their preferred sport and mixed teams often occur in all sports.

Games are played early on Fridays, to avoid the heat of the day in summer, and, whilst played in a competitive manner, we do not have competition ladders and finals.


Modified rules may occur, particularly when some of the smaller school involve their younger children to make up a team.

Throughout the year our school is also involved in Hooptime – a basketball competition against a larger number of schools. We have one competition for Grades 3 and 4 and another for Grades 5 & 6.

Late in the year the local schools visit KG to participate in a Soccer competition which usually takes the form of a round robin competition.

The District Athletics is another sporting event in which we are keenly involved every year. We journey to Willinda Park in Greensborough to compete on a specialised athletics track and compete against schools from our sporting district. Successful students are able to progress to the Division Athletics at Meadowglen Athletics Track.

Each year we participate in the District Cross Country event against local schools. As with other sports, talented students are able to progress to higher levels of competition should they be successful.

Hoop time practice for the 5/6 students.