Grades 5 & 6

Our camps run every alternate year to our Whole School Production. In 2014 The Grade 5 and Grade 6 students journeyed to Canberra for a 4 day tour. On these tours the students and teachers fly to Canberra, stay in a motel on the outskirts of the city, and visit many places of interest and National importance. This tour is heavily linked to the study of Civics and Citizenship as outlined in the National Curriculum.

Throughout the tour the students are regularly presented with opportunities to learn about their nation and its history, the political processes involved in elections and the development of democracy in our country.

The tour consists of a good balance of educational activities, such as visiting the War Memorial, the Parliament Houses and the Electoral Centre, and fun learning experiences such as participating in the highly enjoyable Science activities at Questacon, touring the Australian Institute of Sport, touring the CSIRO complex and doing exciting Science experiments, and enjoying a night of fun at the Sports and Aquatic Centre. 




Grades 3 & 4

Our students in Grades3 & 4 participate in a two day – one night outdoor adventure camp. This camp allows the students to work together in groups to complete outdoor tasks designed to encourage teamwork, co-operation, trust and confidence. In 2014 the students attended the Mt Evelyn National Fitness Camp and participated in activities such as archery, flying fox, ropes courses and the giant swing. At night the students were involved in team building activities and the popular, Red Faces, individual or small group entertainment acts. These 3/4 camps are great introductory camps to the longer, more independent Canberra Tour.

 Grades 1 & 2

At KG, a highlight of the Camping year for the Grade Two students is the Grade 2 Sleepover. The students in Grade 2 return to school for dinner and a night of fun activities that encourage teamwork, co-operation, getting along and taking turns. After supper the students are divided by gender and go to their sleeping rooms for a restful nights’ sleep!

The next morning, the Grade 1 students join their friends from Grade 2 and share a breakfast cooked by parents and teachers. After breakfast the Grade 2 students are permitted to go home.